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Pick an event and create a visual identity for it. Use the text/name provided and give the name a visual look and feel that connects to what the event is about, and that will appeal to its intended audience.



Creating a visual Identity for the Weird & Wonderful Wood Festival. A specialised art and craft event with a difference, dealing solely in wood. For those with a capacity for wonder it is a celebration of woodwork and wood workers. The use of a tangram (old Japanese puzzle) stems at the heart of the identity. The tangram can be placed into a combination of different shapes to create letters, animals and objects. The tangram reflects the many ways in which the sole material of wood can be shaped and crafted into. Wooden print has been used throughout the design to show the beauty of wooden objects and its unique qualities. 

Wood logo web
Entrance Sign Mock
Main Poster Mock
sand web
Wristband Mock
Id Holder Mockup
Bar Mock
Sign Post Mock